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Research 2.0: free association brand tags experiment

May 17th, 2008 by


I’m always excited to find new concepts for research 2.0 tools. As a market researcher I’m in constant search for ways to follow internet users attitudes and perceptions in natural surroundings. As you well know, Google Trends/ Yahoo Buzz (search trends), Blog Pulse / IceRocket (blog citation trends) Omgili (forum citation trends) are frequent visitors in TrendsSpotting. Moreover, TrendsSpotting has been collecting consumers’ attitudes via forums and Q&A websites.

Tagging as a research tool:
At TrendsSpotting, we have been using tags to follow trends on the social media: We have been predicting future trends through tagging the predictions suggested by web / tech and marketing influencers, and displayed common trends by using cloud tags. We’ve been following top websites to use tags in order to understand the interests of web users.

Having that said, you will probably understand my excitement over Noah Brier’s (one of the leading advertising focused bloggers) experiment with brand tags.
Noah Brier describes the idea behind Brand Tags: “If brands exist as the sum of all thoughts in someone’s head, then if you ask a bunch of people what a brand is and make a tag cloud, you should have a pretty accurate look at what the brand represents”.

What Noah Brier actually accomplished from a market research perspective is to provide the Top of Mind / Front-of-Mind
free association test, regularly used to understand the brand’s hard core values. Using brands’ corporate logos, Noah is now collecting free spontaneous tags associated to few hundreds top global brands.

What do you think about it?

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4 Responses

  1. Armando Alves Says:

    I like to call Noah’s experience “brand-sourcing”.

  2. Oliver Ding Says:

    It is a cool idea,maybe we also could use tag to research on brand naming:)

  3. Taly Weiss Says:

    Brand Sourcing as Armando calls it can serve to test brands names (thanks Oliver), new logos, pre-post campaigns, you name it..

  4. pan card status Says:

    Amaze! Thank you! I constantly wished to produce in my internet site a thing like that. Can I take element of the publish to my blog?

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