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2008 Trends Predictions – TrendsSpotting “Influencers Focus Group”

January 15th, 2008 by

We have been working hard on our trends predictions for 2008.
Need not to say that reviewing the trends for 2007, and forecasting those for 2008 were part of a rising trend, which many editors were involved in. Our Google alerts on this two topic (trends 2007, trends 2008) were filled over the last two months with endless reviews and predictions.
As you can see in the blog citations – 2007, 2008 trends were indeed a rising issue during this time (and you can observe how discussing the future trends was much more intriguing than looking back at what 2007 has brought).

While seeking to bring you our 2008 trends prediction from an angle not suggested before, we present you the Meta Trends for 2008. For this, we selected a group of 10 marketing influencers as well as 10 web/tech reviewers suggesting their trends forecast for 2008.
We profiled each forecast according to 3 relevant categories for general trends predictions: “in”, “out” and “yet to come”. Finally – we ran a tag cloud on all forecasts to present what will be “In” for 2008.
How can this help you?
1. You can see it as a summary tool for what we see as the best forecasts for 2008.
2. From research perspective-what you get is 2 Influencers Focus Group – one for Web and Tech trends, the other for Marketing trends.
3. From web 2.0 angle – you get the most popular trend tags to the best / most popular trend reports.

Hope you will find this useful.
Do tell us your thoughts and insights.

2008 Marketing Trends Predictions

2008 Web / Tech Trends Predictions

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5 Responses

  1. Eva Percic Says:

    Indeed very helpful synthesis of all the most relevant influencers. User friendly summary. Great short cut to 2008 trends.

  2. eliezer Says:

    you are trending the future of marketing research.
    what an interesting time we live in.
    good job.

  3. Timothy Bosworth Says:

    Keep up the good work. It will be interesting to see which emerging platforms and socially aided networks make an impact this year.

  4. Taly Weiss Says:

    Thanks Eva, Eliezer and Timothy. We will surely follow social networks this year as well.
    best to all.

  5. Research 2.0: free association brand tags experiment | Says:

    […] social media: We have been predicting future trends through tagging the predictions suggested by web / tech and marketing influencers, and displayed common trends by using cloud tags. We’ve been following top websites to use tags […]

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