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TrendsSpotting New Next for 2016: Trend Prediction Slides

December 26th, 2015 by

TrendsSpotting Annual Prediction Report reviews upcoming trends and their implications.
Looking at 2015 – we aim at figuring out what will be new in consumer adoption for 2016. Covering trends in different consumer domains , we’ve learned that consumer needs can be quickly gathered to observed behaviors. People are looking for ways to display these behaviors. Technologies offer them such solutions. We are interested in finding out how such future developments may unfold next year.


  • 1st stage evolution of social robots: basic information (personal preferences, social data, general internet information) + basic functionalities (photo taking, alerts, reminders) + friendly imaged object with minimal moving abilities
  • Consumers will interact with internet based moving objects
  • Consumers will be looking for supervised professional service to analyze their health data
  • After 100 years of people driving cars, cars will be driving people.
  • Platforms offering companies sharing models for expensive products
  • Live broadcast media hype
  • New social norms will be adopted for groups to be effective and functional

TrendsSpotting New Next 2016: Trend Prediction Report from Dr. Taly Weiss

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