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TrendsSpotting Insight: Why QR Codes Fail and How They Can Still be Beneficial

February 28th, 2013 by

Four years ago, excited by the potential of QR codes, we have reviewed the very early initiatives that were made with QR codes.

Unfortunately, retailers and manufactures have failed to develop the use of QR codes. They understood the potential of direct interaction with consumers, but have chosen to lead them to totally wrong directions. Instead of trying to find out how consumers can benefit from QR codes – advertisers have overused it, made people waste their time and reach useless branded information that consumers simply don’t need.

No wonder that only few consumers tried to engage with QR codes (5-6%). What a waste. If was done right, that 5% early adopters could have lead to mass adoption, if only they had a good experience to share.

QR codes failed to succeed not because they are useless but because the industry have yet to discover areas that QR codes can be beneficial to consumers. Some companies experimented in shops while others ran outdoor ads. They completely neglected statistics proving otherwise: Most people actually use QR codes at home (See comScore 2011: primary location for QR codes on mobile – homes – 58%).

Why not make use of real time decisions? Consumers today are developing a variety of reminder tools to help them better manage their lives.

Yes, consumers want to make sure (or at least be reminded)  they buy products they use (and are satisfied with) that will soon run out.

By thinking about consumer needs, retailers and manufacturers can ensure brand loyalty and direct purchase using QR codes.





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