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Enterprise Innovation Platforms and Online Innovation Campaigns

April 19th, 2016 by

Innovation platforms are fast evolving to address the need for controlled innovation management in large enterprises. Originally developed for idea-management at the initial stage of the innovation process, they now provide comprehensive solution to complex managerial change and improvement initiatives, especially as innovation becomes more central to product development and company competitiveness.

Leading organizations require a coherent  approach to innovation and a practical solution to incorporate and monitor best practices. They seek an accessible location, one that will allow identifying new ideas based on authentic diverse sources, will ensure engagement and help process execution.
With advanced technological capabilities, software platforms can be a perfect solution for the organization to collaborate, drill new ideas, test them in real time and commit for their development.

There is a growing list of Innovation platform providers. Among them are — BrainBank, Brightidea, CogniStreamer, Hype Innovation, IdeaScale, Imaginatik, inno360, InnoCentive, Innovation Factory, InnovationCast, Kindling, Nosco, Qmarkets, and Spigit.

Innovation platforms are useful in creating Online Innovation Campaigns. With the right trigger for action, employees can engage easily by posting new ideas, voting, commenting, and building on each other’s ideas. Innovation platforms can be effective in creating an innovation focused atmosphere that builds into an innovative culture, in which everyone in the organization gets a voice and impact.

Effective innovation campaigns using advanced  technological platforms can help companies collaborate through all the innovation stages:

Idea generation: Teams can be challenged to identify innovative solutions that can promote the company’s strategy and market value, improve internal processes or contribute to the community. Developed systems can help assign participants to specific projects and encourage participation and collective behavior by automatic rewarding.

Selection: Reactions received by employees from different departments and roles (reviewers can be specifically chosen) can help evaluate new ideas according to programmed parameters with specific weights according to their strategic value.

Execution: Innovation campaigns can help create voluntary teams that will be designated to execute the most promising initiatives. Projects can also be monitored through the production cycle and credit submitters in case they provide real benefit.

* Case studies suggest that adding access to clients in specific campaigns can achieve great value in identifying new opportunities and for scaling up projects.

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