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10 tips for effective enterprise innovation campaign:

April 24th, 2016 by

Innovation stakeholders are currently dealing with innovation pushed forward by different departments in the organisation: Strategy, Communication, HR, IT and more. They all share the understanding that innovation is critical for the survival of the company and that innovation processes are important for motivating employees to contribute more efforts and share their insights.

Working on variety of innovation campaigns, I’ve gathered a list of suggestions for effective enterprise innovation campaign:

1. You have to create innovative campaigns in order to yield innovative outcomes. Be creative with the leading concept, make employees excited for the upcoming campaign.

2. Plan a short duration campaign with focused targets and leading concept which is engaging and fun to all. It is important that the concept will be relevant and meaningful.

3. Use multi-channel communication to invite employees (physical posters, social media, SMS, emails, personal requests, CEO call out).

4. Make sure that the platform you’re using is self-guided and easy to operate. Provide examples for ideas so participants will understand what you expect from them.

5. Provide relevant incentives for participation (meaningful rewards, empowering recognition).

6. Ensure participation and high involvement of senior managers and company leaders.

7. For the selection phase, pre-compile evaluation parameters that meet campaign strategy and goals. It’s important that the reviewers will be chosen carefully and that the evaluation process will be transparent.

8. Throughout the campaign, you will need to keep participants active (posting, commenting and voting) – send reminders, status alerts, feedback, notification on progress.

9. The campaign might end with the selection of the best idea – but campaign owner must be responsible to keep everyone updated with the progress of the development and execution of the ideas chosen. Employees will continue sharing ideas only if they see their top suggestions seriously considered.

10. Avoid running too many campaigns in one year so you won’t get employees tired of these efforts.

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