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Welcome to our trends playground.
Here you can find professional observation of trends and their prospect.
We follow internet users’ behaviors and attitudes, investigate emerging trends with web metric tools and marketing research surveys, and spice it all with many practical insights.
The TrendsSpotting Blog, an “Adage Power 150” blog, is considered one of the leading marketing research blogs.
The TrendsSpotting Blog is known for its Influencers Prediction Reports and has earned prestige among Social Media Influencers and Marketing Experts.

Dr. Taly Weiss, Editor
taly_dec_08.PNG Taly is an innovation researcher (PhD in Social Psychology), digital expert and the founder of TrendsSpotting Trends Agency. Coming from advertising, she explores internet trends from a consumer perspective and identifies brands potential tapping into these trends.
Taly’s academic work contributes to the field of Behavioral Economics. She investigates people’s willingness to join groups and share resources.
She can be contacted at
Apurba Sen
Apurba_sen Apurba is a frequent contributor to The TrendsSpotting Blog. He is a Product Manager at Apurba’s interest lies in Web Analytics, Social Media, and Behavioral Economics. Apurba holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the National Institute of Technology –Trichy in marketing. He can be reached at is a global innovation consulting company -that provides strategic business and marketing insights for top Fortune 100 companies and large organizations (such as Merck, Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, TUDelft University, Kensington, Disney and Nestle). We’re working closely with senior managers in large and small companies, B2B and B2C focused, providing a better understanding of the future consumer and the competitive landscape, helping them better serve their customer needs implement new business models and examine new innovative solutions to introduce to the market.

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6 Responses

  1. Lou Dzierzak Says:

    Dear Trendspotters-

    I’m the editorial director of Sporting Goods Business, a 40-year old business to business trade publication for sporting goods manufacturers and retailers. I’m writing a feature on the influence women have on consumer purchasing behavior. I wonder if there are current trends or other findings from your reports that would be applicable ? Sorry for the short notice but I will need any contributions by noon Wednesday, Feb 25. Contributions will be appropriately credited.

    Thanks for your help.

    Take care,


    Lou Dzierzak
    Group Editorial Director
    Cell 612-618-2780
    Fax: 704-987-3455
    7315 James Avenue S.
    Richfield, MN 55423

  2. Janet Birkmyre Says:

    We have a client who is interested in understanding which trends (social, political, economic, environmental, political, legal, educational, demographic) will impact soft drink consumption in the future (3 to 5 years) , both globally and at a European level. In addition, if you have any data at an country level, we might be interested in that as well.

    All non-alcoholic beverages are of interest, drunk alone or with food, for any reason, at any time of the day. In addition, if you are aware of trends that will affect alcoholic beverages, that might have a knock on effect to soft drink consumption, we would be interested in these as well.

    Please could you let us know what information you have available free of charge and what you could offer on a bespoke basis and at what cost.

  3. David Steel Says:

    I commissioned a new infographic I on the Do’s and Don’ts for social business using social media.
    The poster can be seen at
    It would be great if you post it on your blog

  4. Alex Smith Says:


    I may have spotted a new trend which you may want to include in your reports. It’s a website called and it’s like a safe random chat system.

    Just thought you guys may like to know…..


  5. telemarketing jobs Says:

    Influencers’ Predictions” slides collection. Issue 1 – Social Media Trends 2009. Over the next few days, …

  6. Identify industry trends using these 7 sources Says:

    […] Pay attention to their Snapshots,  easy-to-read statistical graphics that present information on various issues and trends in a visually appealing way. Readers are invited to answer a “Quick Question” related to the snapshot. A new Snapshot is posted online Monday through Friday.            7. TrendSpotting Blog […]

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