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Organizational Innovation Report: Implementing Innovation in Organizations

May 18th, 2016 by

In this TrendsSpotting Organizational Innovation Report we collect insights from business academic research and leading consultancies and observe related case studies, to come up with best practices for the implementation of innovation in organizations. We review models for innovation leadership, culture, innovation strategy and goals; discuss mechanisms for learning and knowledge sharing, and review the required set of incentives and rewards. Focusing on Innovation challenges we collect insights and best practices regarding strategy alignment, management support, idea generation and commercialization, speed, lean processes, innovation events and sharing platforms as well as innovation metrics. In search for optimal innovation implementation methods, we review studies on high performing companies and present case studies on how innovative companies implement innovation in their organization.

The 130 page PPT report “Organizational Innovation: Implementing innovation in organizations” is targeted at innovation stakeholders and aids in structuring the organization towards effective innovation.

Keywords: • Innovation leadership • Strategy & goals • Learning and Knowledge • Incentives and rewards • Innovation culture • Innovation and risk • Strategy alignment • Idea generation, • Idea selection • Commercialization • Innovation and speed • Lean processes • Innovation best practices • Innovation readiness • Innovation metrics • Open innovation • Hackathons • Innovation platforms • Innovation campaigns • Gamification • Gamification platforms

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View the following sample slide report:

New! TrendsSpotting Innovation Reports

TrendsSpotting has complied two Innovation Research Reports exploring theories, models and practical implementation of innovation in business settings and inside the organization.

1. Business Innovation Report: Innovation Strategy, Performance and Measurement
2. Organizational Innovation Report: Implementing innovation in organizations

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