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March 3rd, 2009 by

TrendsSpotting research insights have been much valued by our avid readers coming from the different business fields. During the last few years we have conducted customized Trends Research using unique research 2.0 techniques according to needs.
Today, we are pleased to offer Trend Reports on topics of interest in a new stage, to the benefit of all. We will present Trend Reports which deserve your attention, selected from our extensive research on upcoming trends. We would be happy to receive your suggestions for additional topics we should review. Please submit those here.
TrendsSpotting Research Team.

TrendsSpotting Report:

Five Dominating Advertising Approaches
Dealing with Recession

TrendsSpotting Report
TrendsSpotting research presented in this report was conducted on advertising campaigns featuring throughout year 2008 until 2009 Super Bowl.
By analyzing many brand promise approaches – TrendsSpotting has profiled five main strategies dealing with recession.
In this report we present the actual campaigns falling under each strategy and discuss their advantages and risks. Introducing research on past recessions and the views of distinguished marketing analysts will allow a deep understanding of the challenges advertising is facing today.
In the Report “Five Dominating Advertising Approaches Dealing with Recession” TrendsSpotting provides business insights for advertising strategists seeking an optimal approach to manage brands in times of recession.


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2 Responses

  1. Shane Says:

    really enjoyed reading this report keep on the good job


  2. Briya Says:

    can’t pay $800 to read this. Is there a free version posted somewhere?

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