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What makes Cuil to buzz? Case study for launching brands in a highly competitive environment

July 30th, 2008 by

What stands behind Cuil buzz?

The answer is quite simple – can one ignore such provocative statements?
But what makes it so credible?

Is it the fact that someone “dares” to challenge Google with no fear? (a great tactic whether you have it or you don’t..)
Is it the fact that Cuil involves Googles’ former leading employees who are perceived credible enough to challenge Larry and Sergy. (Can they really?)
This or that, fact is so much has already been said, and still we all want to present our own opinion on the matter. Thats the real buzz source. We make it a buzz because its too strong to ignore.

Read Write Web points to the language Cuil uses to present their new product

” When you throw around terms like “pioneering”, “significant breakthroughs”, “ideal search engine”, “complete user privacy”, “next generation approach to search”, … well you better have a good product to back that up. “

Buzz Tracking post launch:
Search Trends:

Searching for Cuil – July 27:
Cuil gets to # 15 (Cuill)

Searching for Cuil – July 28:
Cuil gets to # 8 (cuil stock)

Searching for Cuil – July 29-30
Masked by the California earth-quake, Cuil does not make it to the top searches in Google.
At the same time, Cuil is is still starring at Yahoo Buzz..

Buzz in blogs:

One day only – to get to the peak (0.35% out of all blog citations), currently a steady drop down.

What will happen next?
My guess – the buzz will continue few days more over the blogs (until all web oriented bloggers will have their say on this issue: consider some gossip, tech reviewers, marketing opinions, and financial bloggers following Google stock).
The Buzz will slow down in few more days, probably until Cuil will try to throw another bomb (and i have a strong feeling they will).
For Cuil to attract early adopters – it will need a strong positive approach among professionals in search engines.
Following the Web Influencer reviews – its not.

In the battle between Google and Cuil – Cuil makes the right PR, but Google wins the first act!

no cuil search results for cuil in cuil..

(another lesson from changing the brand name (which was planned to be Cuill) prior to launch…)

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