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Where’s the Buzz: Google Chrome

September 5th, 2008 by

google chrome

Top 40 buzz word around Google’s new browser ‘Chrome’

Last Tuesday Google released Chrome, its new open source app browser. Just before the release day Google scrubbed search cache of Chrome download site . All of us spend much of our time working inside a browser. So a new browser from the Internet behemoth is bound to create buzz in the media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street & among Google lovers. We have captured the buzz around chrome in 3 categories :

  • Influencer’s Review
  • Tests and Comparisons
  • Stats On the Chrome Buzz

Influencer’s Review : Among the influencer’s ‘Chrome’ mostly received favorable review.

Om Malik , GigaOm reviews :

“Google Chrome has faster JavaScript VM, better memory management, better Windows UI rendering, faster text layout and rendering, and intelligent page navigation in comparison to other more widely adopted browsers. When combined with Google Gears technology, this is as close as you can get to replicating the desktop experience with web applications”.

Doug Aamoth , CrunchGear reviews :

“..I’ve noticed that it [chrome] feels really, really fast. Almost like I’m loading up cached pages offline”.

Mark Hopkins , Mashable reviews :

“..I found that Chrome tends to use about 80% less memory than Firefox in loading up the same pages and tabs. There is also noticeably better long-term memory management as well…Overall, the browser offers a lot more usable space not taken up by toolbars and status bars as in other browsers. The navigation is non-standard, but still simple and intuitive”.

Google Chrome is released beta for Windows & is far from done . Cnet suggested action points for Google to make Chrome a success .

Tests & Comparisons : Is Chrome really “many times faster” than the rivals at running JavaScript ? Cnet reports Google’s Chrome overpowers the other browsers on the five subtests by which Google measures its browser’s JavaScript performance . Google’s overall score is head and shoulders above the competition (IE 7/8 , Firefox 3 , Safari 3) for executing JavaScript . In addition Chrome tops IE, Firefox in Acid3 test . Chrome currently clocks in at 78 out of 100 on Acid3, while Firefox and IE7 stand at 71 and 14 respectively. The only release quality build to beat Chrome is Opera, which scores an 83.

Again Lifehacker reports its beta browser speed test & declares Chrome as the winner in startup time .

Stats On the Chrome Buzz : Google Chrome has certainly made a powerful first impression . According to clicky it is already beating Opera with little over 2% market share . However Net Applications tends to disagree with those numbers, putting the amount of Chrome users a little under 1.5% .

Unlike Google rival search engine Cuil (which suffered an early launch with a ton of buzz and negative reaction earlier this summer) Chrome shines on blog buzz & holds a promising future .

blog citation of IE Firefox Chrome

The web gets better with more options and innovation. But still, deserting the default IE option – is not a very common behavior. We see it hapening in favor of Firefox (Europe and Ocenia are leading markets to adopt an alternative). As long as users will not attribute Google’s browser to a monopolistic behavior – and in case Chrome will offer few absolute advantages (speed can be considered as one!) – we will see Chrome gaining shares in the browser market. Google’s real challenge will be to compete against the IE market and not the Firefox one!

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  1. stetoscope Says:

    Thanks, that is really interesting

  2. Swords Says:

    The speed is great and it’s definitely a good start. I would like to see a couple things they left out of the beta integrated soon. Especially a way to manage bookmarks better.

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