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Where’s the Buzz :What caught Japanese bloggers’ eyes in June?

July 5th, 2008 by

Hot in Japan Blogs

goo Ranking posted the top 20 outgoing links from their blogging site for the month of June 2008. Here is top 5 that caught Japanese blogger’s eyes.

1.Hayao Miyazaki’s upcoming anime film PONYO ON THE CLIFF.The film will open in Japanese theaters on July 19.

2.Candle Night lights down. A collective action in which 43,382 facilities turned their lights down on June 21,thus saving 452,771.05 kilowatt per hour of electricity as per Japanese Ministry of the Environments estimates.Enjoy this mesmerizing fotologue.

3.Firefox 3 download. 8,002,530 people downloaded Firefox 3 and around 16% of them are Japanese.

4.Apple iPhone. Softbank, the No. 3 mobile operator in Japan , plans to bring iPhone to its 18.8 million subscribers later this year.The company plans to sell iPhone for 23,040 yen (US$215).

5.Sylvester Stallone’s violence flick “Rambo” (Japanese title: “Rambo: Saigo no Senjo”). In the fourth film of the series, the muscular former US soldier who battled Communist guerrillas in Vietnam heads to Myanmar to save missionaries who are being slaughtered by a military ruler there. The flim was released in Japan on May 24 .

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  1. tahatfield Says:

    What indeed does catch, retain or otherwise attract bloggers’ (or other users) eyes such that they act? Looking at this question in detail. Thanks for the info on the buzz…

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