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Love affairs and blogging coming from China

January 2nd, 2008 by


 love (Chinese)


Following the fast growing Chinese internet users community, and while gathering pieces of information about their profiles and web habits, I found two new and interesting surveys revealing that:
1. One out of four Chinese internet users are bloggers. 47 million bloggers! . Note that If you take Technorati’s numbers from the beginning of 07 and re-calculate it = Chinese is probably soon to be the #1 blogging language, or is it already? (Fact is currently no one knows / no one publishes the amount of blogs users generate ..)
2. One out of five Chinese university students admitted they had at least one Internet lover (38% report that “others they know” are having on-line love affairs..).   

Lets hope for the best –The Love You “Spread” Is Equal to the Love You Make.

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5 Responses

  1. mandara Says:

    as for 1, do not worry, they like a story full of exaggeration.

  2. Chinese suffer internet addiction or China is witch-hunting internet use? Says:

    […] JWT survey? shed some lights on the issue by comparing USA internet behavior to those of the Chinese. In this survey – the Chinese users displayed more signs of internet dependency than those in the USA. Other studies present a somewhat healthy profile for Chinese on line users, who blog and become emotionally? involved. The labeling of this dependency and the misleading interpretations is what I argue against. […]

  3. hyori Says:

    im sorry but thats a f*cked up chinese symbol on the picture. find a proper one.

  4. lily Says:

    oh yeah, i most certainly agree with hyori. that is the ugliest written character i’ve ever seen.

  5. pan card Says:

    Thanks for the info, I must bookmark your website for my reference

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