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Is our internet behavior heavily influenced by what we receive from the media?

March 31st, 2007 by

 I think this question has not yet been answered. I will try to deal with this question using one case study to start with: Anna Nicole Smith death and death cause reports received major attention in news items. You can see for all online media attention this item has received over the last month (graph 1).

I wondered if Anna Nicole Smith had become an icon on blogs and on google search. “Anna Nicole Smith” search in icerocket blog search engine –(graph 2) presents a short interest (only 6 days long). google trends also presents a short time interest (see graph 3). A look in google zeitgeist  shows anna was not among February’s main searches (see table 1).

Can it be that we have developed interests not yet known to the media at large? I sure hope so. It might be interesting to follow more media scopes and see their reflection on internet users’ behavior.


graph 1: “trendio” media citations 



graph 2: “icerocket” blog search


graph 3: “google trends”


table 1: “google zeitgeist” February 07 top searches

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    It’s my first visit to your new site !!
    I added u to google reader, it says that the title is unknown (unlike: one, tnet etc.)
    Looks great !!
    add red astricks * to the mandatory fields

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