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TrendsSpotting is blocked in China!

July 14th, 2008 by

Few days back one of our Trendfreaks reported she couldn’t access TrendsSpotting in china. We checked that out today & found it to be TRUE !

Trendsspotting blocked

In fact we manage a good rapo with few other websites (as Technorati!!) and blogs are appearing on the “black list“. (To discover whether your blog is blocked – you can ping and check your domain here, or here, and here).

Why should China be bothered by TrendsSpotting?

TrendsSpotting is following China with great interest.

Few months ago – we questioned surveys that were pointing at Chinese internet addiction and suggested they had an agenda:

Chinese suffer internet addiction or China is witch-hunting internet use?

Looking behind surveys: misleading survey on Chinese online users

Recently we unearthed some facts around the South China Tiger Scandal

As China might not change its attitudes toward us near future – for our China Trendfreaks – we shall be posting our upcoming blogs in total in facebook trendfreaks.

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    I was searching through StumbleUpon for blogs on this very topic so I really enjoyed your well written piece. I enjoyed your writing manner and have signed up to your feed so I can read future articles on this and other subjects.

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