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The New Next: 2011 Mobile Influencers Predictions

January 10th, 2011 by

We have just released the 2011 Mobile Predictions Report featuring the predictions of ReadWriteWeb, GigaOm, Juniper, IBM and other leading experts.

The New Next: 2011 Moblie Influencers Predictions by TrendsSpotting from Taly Weiss

TrendsSpotting 4th annual digital prediction series is featuring the predictions of digital and marketing experts on the big changes awaiting us in the coming year.
Looking at 2010 and observing the trends we’ve seen that year – we aim at figuring out what will be new in 2011.
THE NEW NEXT initiative is focused not in what will happen in 2011 (as most predictions you find) but rather on the new trends emerging out of what we have seen earlier.

Look for TrendsSpotting’s prediction model (last slide) to conclude all we’ve learned on consumers, technologies, strategies  and industries for the coming year in mobile.

More on 2011 Predictions: The New Next 2011 Social Media and Tech Predictions.


The TrendsSpotting team.

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