TrendsSpotting’s Prediction Reports

TrendsSpotting Annual Prediction Reports covering trends in tech, mobile and social media are read by million of readers and are used by leading companies to plan their future. We provide companies with prediction reports reviewing emerging technologies and market trends of their interest. وي بونص

TrendsSpotting’s NPD Innovation Reports

TrendsSpotting provides updated reviews following emerging trends. Presented in a creative PPT display, you can  follow new products released in your specific market. لعبة الكوبه We identify the most exciting products and profile them according to consumer needs, consumer experiences, unique user interactions, and market potential. A brief market overview and a summary of the major consumer trends are also included in the NPD reports, so you are set to plan your next steps in the market.

TrendsSpotting Innovation Reports

Organizational Innovation Report: We collect insights from academic research, leading analysts and consultancies and observe related case studies, to come up with best practices for the implementation of innovation in organizations.

Business Innovation Report: We provide a deep understanding of innovation and its business potential aucasinosonline. We focus on innovation outcomes in terms of performance and present recent empirical findings linking innovation to business success. الكينو We identify key innovation strategies and metrics that are vital to measure and monitor business success. This report will aid innovation stakeholders in the organization to foster innovation and encourage decision makers to invest in innovation initiatives.

TrendsSpotting’s Online Country Reports

We have recently completed an extensive research series exploring internet and mobile behavior in 16 countries, the most intriguing markets – internet wise.

Europe – Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, UK, Turkey, Greece
Asia – China, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia
Central and S. America: Mexico (more to come..)

Each country report includes an updated research review on the following topics:
1. Internet Behavior and Online Market Trends
2. Social Media Behavior, Top Social Networks
3. Mobile Behavior
4. Traditional Media versus New Media
5. Youth: Internet Trends and Social Media Behavior

TrendsSpotting’s Social Media Trend Research Reports

As never before, Internet users are actively engaging with each other and with brands while looking for solutions to meet their needs. Our expertise is in identifying and monitoring trends’ early symptoms and delivering researched reports that enable companies to tap into new markets and establish an advantageous interaction with potential consumers. We “listen” to consumer interactions and shared experiences and provide you with indications on upcoming trends that you must not ignore.