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The future of blogging: short message style

May 29th, 2007 by

Truemors (Guy Kawasaki’s new initiative), as well as twitter present a clear cut between SMS short style and the typical long style blogs (in the Technorati Top 100 – the vast majority of posts were found to be 100 – 500 words).
The phenomenon of blogs writing is somewhat surprising taking into account the instant world with information overload we live in.
It seems more natural today to gain influence and “Increased Recognition” through well written short messages which hold valuable information. That will be an expertise – to best capture an idea in only few words.
(idea for a startup: taking blogs titles to mobile media).

Having this in mind – do you think my current post title (The future of blogging will be short message style) fits this aim?
So, next time you pass your ideas in blogs – check if your title can hold it all and pass the truemors or twitter test. We are heading there…

(This was indeed my shortest post. I’m improving:)

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