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Web Trends Visualization: 2009 – 2007 “Web Trend Maps”

April 7th, 2009 by

A new exciting Web Trend Map version was recently released by Information Architect.

You can view the map on Flickr and a play with the zoomable version on

The current map is based on categorization of the web according to 13 trend categories, while the 3d visualization captures brands stability (width) and success (height). Trendsetters were added to the map as well. Influencers have indeed become powerful web brands.
TrendsSpotting has been suggesting the 3d features since the earlier versions of Web Trend Maps. Ranking brand’s strength is an important step for an initiative as this. Though, we are not sure if IS has done what it takes to present the power of the web brands.

We suggest that to accurately present brands strength and influence on the web, objective web measures (versus the subjective ones suggested by IE) as search volume, blog and media citation, as well as social involvement measures should be incorporated. Moreover, we have already suggested that a better differentiation between the trend routes (lines) should be considered. I find the Opinion line, Sharing line, Identity line for instance, too similar.
I do believe that a web trend map should be very sensitive to the categorization of web industries as well as to the design features (excellent job design wise).

We present you with the development of Web Trend Maps 2007-2009:

Web Trend Map – 2009 version

Web Trend Map 2009 – Trend lines:

  • application line
  • publishing line
  • opinion line
  • news line
  • identity line
  • creative line
  • consumption line
  • broadcasting line
  • knowledge line
  • advertisement
  • sharing line
  • entertainment line
  • filter line

Web Trend Map 2009 – Trend lines and brands’ ranking:


Web Trend Map – 2008 version


In the 2008 version 3d features reflected brands ranking (brands were  subjectively rated by IE based on user experience and brand management (usability, user value, and interface (simplicity, character, feedback)).

Web Trend Map – 2007 version


Web Trend Map 2007  – Trend lines:
1.    Sharing
2.    Tools
3.    Technology
4.    Knowhow
5.    Moneymaker
6.    News
7.    Social News
8.    Community
9.    Design
10.    Movies
11.    Music
12.    Chinese line

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2 Responses

  1. Jonathan Joyce Says:

    A DeepZoom version of Web Trend Map (final beta) is here:

    We could annotate it more if you wanted!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Haha – this was made from the Tokyo subway route map!

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