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Can myspace or youtube influence your purchase? (January 2007 survey)

April 10th, 2007 by

Will social networking sites have a potential to influence on purchase decisions? Can popular sites (as myspace or youtube) set influence on our buying behavior?
This is probably one of their business challenges.
It turns out that they have a long way to go. A recent research conducted on US internet users was just released by iprospect. The data (see graph) reveals that while amazon carries the most meaningful influence (28% reported its influence), youtube and myspace received low reports- only 2% each).As I understand the results, it will take time and marketing efforts for sites with focus on entertainment or social networking to gain a buying wisdom influence. Myspace and youtube will need to prove that you can really rely on your friends on your daily purchases. amazon has surely succeeded. res-pur.gif

In January 2007, JupiterResearch designed and fielded a survey to online consumers selected randomly from the Ipsos U.S. Online Consumer Panel. A total of 2,223 individuals responded to the survey (respondents were askedĀ 25 closed-ended questions about their behaviors and preferences regarding online holiday shopping, search, ISP and video, online social networking and online dating). The samples were carefully balanced by a series of demographic and behavioral characteristics to ensure that they were representative of the overall online population. The survey data areĀ applicable to the U.S. online population within a confidence interval of plus or minus 3%.

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3 Responses

  1. Daniel R Says:

    Nice coverage. I am still having a hard time seeing the marketing value of social network sites outside the fuzzy notions of engagement, branding and community building.

    I personally hope this will change, since it will make online marketing interesting.

  2. Amit Agarwalla Says:

    I feel blogs should also be included in the list. They too have potential to influence decisions by both their posts and the ads.

  3. geuwrobuzf Says:

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