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What’s on a blogger’s mind?

March 21st, 2007 by

By blogging, writing our ideas, posting mini articles – we bloggers have adopted an activity most of us have never engaged with before. Yes, I have written academic papers, I have written few times to a marketing- advertising magazine. But never on a regular basis. So many of us, with different backgrounds have added this activity as a routine to their life. We write, we try to focus on something new, we try to interest our sometimes unknown audience. I imagine that no matter what we blog about we probably have some common goals: we write to be reached, we write to be read and appreciated. We all try to follow our success, and to do our job’s right. We are the creators, the advertising professional, the media experts and the producers all in one person (or sometimes a group of people sharing the responsibility).

This in mind, I tried to compare between 3 topics of interest, most bloggers might be interested in while wearing the hat of the producer: tagging, getting traffic, and avoiding spam.

I used icerocket blogs search engine and google trends presents google search volume) to compare between the terms: tags, traffic and spam.

It seems that while we write (blogs) we deal mostly with “tags” (blogs search: see graph 1), when we search (google: see graph 2) we frequently deal with “traffic”.

Google trends by city (graph 3) reveals that USA cities are mostly occupied by these topics (out of all cities in the world) and that San Diego is the leading city with a very high interest in traffic issues.

Interesting that among 50-60 million bloggers, and billions of web users – we share same interest in tagging and traffic.


graph 1


graph 2


graph 3

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  1. rOckY Says:

    Your Google Trends data might be skewed since the term “traffic” might also include searches related to Google Transit, which provides transit information for select cities such as in Seattle Washington on top of the new addition to Google Maps related to showing traffic density in major cities as well.

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