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Where myspace beats youtube

March 9th, 2007 by

Sure, we all talk about the “youtube success” – more and more users are stepping inside. But by trying to “read” the same users mind – I came up with a different picture. Using blogpulse search engine I compared between the volumes those two leading brands generate on blog talk.
You can see that myspace overcomes youtube quite steadily. It can be explained by the power of each brand. While youtube is pure entertainment channel (you come, watch, leave) – myspace holds a community interaction. Being a part of a community has valuable implications on user’s identity and personal involvement. As one is more involved in a brand, the brand becomes a part of his daily life, daily talk.
Shouldn’t alexa provide this tool of blog search right next to their traffic data in order to set us with more accurate data concerning sites magnitude?


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  1. » Blog Archive » Myspace versus Facebook – social networks in the eyes of the blogsphereTrendsspotting Says:

    […] Once Myspace is being valued, readwriteweb makes a clever connection to the value of Facebook according to its recent popularity: “While the numbers show that MySpace continues to grow, Facebook is growing at a faster rate (and fastest among the more attractive 25 and older demographic), and the Facebook platform has experienced phenomenal growth in its first month. It is attracting over 1,000 new developers per day and has resulted in 1,500 applications, according to Facebook , and the top 5 applications have almost 20 million users”. Using blogpulse search engine I compared between the volumes those two social networks generate on blog talk (see graph). Assuming that the blogsphere is a valid estimation tool for social networks success – facebook has still a long way to go. […]

  2. Carroll B. Merriman Says:

    Your viewpoint on this issue is very intriguing and I hope to see more articles on your blog about it. I have bookmarked so I can stay up to date on any future pieces related to this issue.

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