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How does 2007 feel like?

January 13th, 2007 by

I’ve used “We Feel Fine” ( exciting blog mining engine designed to scan blog posts for occurrences of the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling”. Their data comes from a variety of online sources, including livejournal, MSN spaces, myspace, blogger, flickr, technorati, feedster, icerocket and google.
Until now, 6,545,330 feelings were collected from 1,521,540 unique people. Here are the most recent 50 “feeling” sentences as they were originally appeared in blogs:

i was supposed to see janet and those other guys tonight but my head hurt and i didn’t feel much like going
i feel for you
i don’t feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them
i can feel ittttttt : bastards
i still feel she’s getting half
i officially know exactly how you feel what is it i speak of
i isn’t feeling well he lets her have the whole bed
i am not traumatized and the world has not come to an end but i feel badly because my mother worked so hard on it
i must say i feel quite emotional while writing this because we never thought the site would gain the status it now has
i ditto the feelings for the 200 hpdis on the reg 26
i would narow to the reg or sp although contenders have a stellar reputation i feel over the long haul they arent up to par
i’m well pleased with the picture thanks largely to heidi who kindly lent her ‘boat race’ to the project despite feeling spotty and having to squint into a low winter sun
i can feel myself
i hope now i have all this out i can go watch cor st and not feel the black cloud around me
i find it hard to express the level of anger and disbelief i feel i get reactive too about diet since it seems so patently obvious th me that if you feed crap food you will enocurage health problems to arise
i feel like kicking asses
i just feel good that i do it no matter what
i’ve heard enough to know i have a good feel for where everyone has me on their radar brennan said
i feel sick again
i feel for her and yet she enjoys to know that she can make me feel like shit
i swear i knew i was feeling true love
i don’t know what the hell is going on and i can’t go to my doctor cuz it’s a weekend so i’m just gonna sit here and feel like shit for the rest of the day until i pass out from exhaustion or vicodin or ambien or a bit of all of them
i feel like total shit
i mean i was fine and then all of a sudden two days ago i started to feel like shit
i feel awkward my alter ego boring middle aged tax preparer will come out and clear the audience faster than you can say social security number
i cant feel my body
i feel so sorry for kristina
i’m very angry at a certain person coughandrewcough for breaking my friends heart i wrote a poem that sounds emo but it suits how we’re feeling rather well
i have a bad feeling that she had some problems in the city
i clearly remember telling myself i would feel free once i left
i didn’t feel the need to ask any questions and she didn’t feel the need to share anymore information with me
i didn’t feel the need to give him my number and he didn’t give me his
i didn t feel the need to respond in kind and we both smiled
i would like to thank for being my rock for the past 2 years but the person i feel mostly need to thank is definately my all time drinking buddy amanda
i have the feeling that i want to cry
i am so feeling so nervous about whats ahead of me
i guess people are hard to understand you may feel that connection but maybe they don’t
i looked at your legs and i feel like i need to pay you
i feel like cring but i had to get that out
i almost feel as though i’m in a drama class
i feel awsome when i leave there
i eat i feel like i’ve failed somebody
i’ll choke that shit up bottle every tear contimplating through the years when we first met when you’d hold me the best feeling but your fleeing rip my heart out my chest and ake the best of me
i feel so vulnerable those word you threw at me so happy undermine callapse an im weak must be a trap cause im beat you spit that kryptonite into your verbs you had your heart set on me going first so i did it
i’ll choke that shit up bottle up every tear contimplating through the years since we first met when you’d hold was the best feeling but you fleeing rip my heart out my my chest and take the best of me
i lied to myself to feel better
i had my doubts that a warm and cozy feeling would be on tap for the rest of the evening
i went to sit back down and before i could even feel my ass in the chair the dj began his rant
i feel that its only my memories loves friends and family that keep my heart beating
i feel helpless

Looking through these sentences, it seems that 2007 hasn’t started so well for many of us. Most of us feel sad or anger. But remember- those were out of a random choice. In search for good news, I used their statistics to find out what were the most common feelings overall: luckily, the most dominate feeling was “better”!
1- feeling “better” by 128,155 people

2- felling “bad” by 93,390 people

3- felling “good” by 76,610 people

4- feeling “right” by 40,683 people

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