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TrendFreaks Crossed 1,000 Members

February 4th, 2009 by

You read that right! It’s now been just 12 months since we created Trendfreaks. Since then you guys have participated in growing it to over 1,000 registered members. And we did that just by your “word of mouth”. The idea behind ‘Trendfreaks’ is to create a community of TrendsSpotting lovers across the globe. Trendfreaks can suggest their explanation to a submitted trend or report any unexplained trend. And of course you can network & participate in various discussions.

In the journey so far you have helped us in uncovering many mysterious trends including the decline of office hero Dilbert.

We thank each of you for the wonderful support & expect your continued participation in future.

Happy Trendsspotting !

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3 Responses

  1. eliezershalev Says:

    Thanks for setting the stage.
    Trendsspotting is fun!

  2. Rocky Says:

    Trendfreaks might also like to check out
    collaborative public opinion exchanging – more efficient and lasting than commenting or twittering or blogging or…


    And best wishes for many thousands more.

  3. Vanna Lijewski Says:

    Toller Waren. Sicher keinesfalls verkehrt, einander mit dieser Thematik intensiver auseinander zusetzen. Ich werde bestimmt die nächsten Beitraege in dem fach Auge behalten.

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