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Baidu Saves 26 Million Man-Hour In China

January 30th, 2009 by

Time to become little more productive – as CWR blog reports Baidu has added search suggestions to web, images, video & mp3 searches for both English & Chinese. Such navigational tips allow you to select desired keyword in few keystrokes amounting to savings in time.

Here is an estimate on the productivity of the Baidu’s search suggestion tool :

1.One of the famous eye tracking study by Enquiro Research reveals Chinese searchers on Baidu spends more time than Google (29.9 seconds vs 16.9 seconds on average ) representing fewer successful searches on Baidu.
Google Baidu Time Spent On Search

2.Going by ComScore July 2008 numbers for China :

  • Monthly Search/searcher : 76.6 Keywords
  • Monthly Search on Baidu : 7.4 Billion
  • Monthly Searcher on Baidu ~ 97 Million

Lets say – by incorporating search suggestions Baidu aims to be at least at par with Google & thus saves 13 seconds per keyword search. Correspondingly it then saves 995.8 seconds of a searcher per month or if we look at the larger picture

Monthly Total Man-Hour Saved = 995.8 x 97 M /3600 = 26.83 Million Man Hours

All I can say now – 26 Million man-hours is fairly 7 weeks productivity of total staff at Microsoft.

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