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2009 Consumer Trends Predictions: TrendsSpotting Publishes Influencers Predictions Issue 4

January 8th, 2009 by

TrendsSpotting collects Trend Spotters views and insights focused on consumer trends for 2009.

Read what’s ahead on Food Marketing, Lifestyle, Fashion and Design, and general consumer adjustments, all considering the economic crisis implications.

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2 Responses

  1. Site O Rific Says:

    The worse the American economy gets, the better our dot coms have been doing. I was preparing for the opposite to happen by implementing exponential growth models that would smooth out hard times and explode in good times, but we have been steadily growing during this whole 14 month downturn. Not sure exactly why, but it is a relief.

  2. Ilieva Ageenko Says:

    Companies should continue to look at innovation as a source of competitive advantage and future growth despite of the current economic crisis.

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