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2009 Online Marketing Predictions: TrendsSpotting Publishes Influencers Predictions Issue 3

January 1st, 2009 by

Going by the World bank Global Economic Prospects report for 2009, the world GDP growth will be 0.9% for 2009. Developing countries will likely grow by 4.5% next year, down from 6.3% in 2008, while growth in many important high-income countries will turn negative.

Welcome 2009!

Since the ad expenditure in a market shows direct correlation to the GDP growth hence a troubled economy is bound to take its toll on adex growth. Irrespective of the pessimism around – online marketing still seems a solid choice.

We are presenting here the outlooks and predictions suggested by industry watchdogs and notable influencers on Online Marketing. This grossly enlists the major trends & what you should expect out of 2009.

The Slideshare link to this deck is here .
We wish you a Happy new year 2009. We welcome your feedback & requests to get a copy of this deck as a comment here.

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6 Responses

  1. cleaning business Says:

    Why are we so enamored with predictions and projections? Studies have shown that predictions are only kind of close 17% of the time. That’s pretty bad!

    The laptop never showed up in a science fiction story or show. The first Earthday speech predicted an Ice Age by 1992. Y2K anyone? No one saw the Internet coming? It was predicted that blimps would be the way everyone got around by 2000. Wheres the flying cars? Orwell’s 1984? It’s 2009 and I’m free-er than ever. The hyperlink? Did not see it coming!

    And the grand daddy of all stupid ideas that we did not see coming– the leaf blower!

  2. Michael Larsson Says:

    Cleaning business does have a valid
    point on predictions going awry or off the mark. After all, sms was supposed to be a one way voice mail
    notification message. According to a year 2000 Informa report, Location Based Services would be worth over 50 billion usd in 2007. Or that mms would have eclipsed sms
    globally by 2006. History is riddled with failed predictions. But they are often the result of bone headed operators trying to starve an ecosystem before it would get off the ground. In that sense we owe a lot to Steve Jobs’ persistence, and Blackberry forcing a revenue share on carriers. And the future leaf blower might be your
    industrial grade mobile by Symbol.

  3. Agitationist Says:

    You want predictions? Now, HERE are some predictions:

  4. Taly Weiss Says:

    Thanks Cleaning Business – predictions might indeed come true “only 17% of the time” – lets hope we can get to be a part of those 17% – by following influencers and experts. If those come up wrong – we should find other routes!

    Michael – you are right! predictions are often setting dependent – if all goes as expected – they stand a chance.

    Thanks agitationist for your contribution.

    Best to all!

  5. Ray Says:

    The business of the world is based on leading indicators and projections by analysts. I for one am happy to have opinions and metrics that give a sense of direction for our business and the business of our clients.
    Keep em coming.

  6. ronnefeldt tee Says:

    Very interesting, thanks

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