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‘Dark Knight’ Piracy Rise Indicates Recession ?

November 24th, 2008 by

Amassing over a million illegal downloads in less than seven days, the Batman sequel ‘The Dark Knight’ is quickly on its way towards earning the dubious honor of being the most pirated movie of 2008. Movies are great manifestation of social trends & movie lovers expresses their love for a great movie by stealing it. No wonder in bear market when fear & pessimism is all around, this expression of mood gets filtered through the economy.

Watch out the interview of Elliott Wave International’s Steve Hochberg on social & cultural trends. Steve points out

” Whats the word thats been associated with the recent Batman movie? Very dark, its very dark. Thats exactly what happens in bear markets.

Batman is a great bear market hero. It came out in 1939, end debts of last great depression & he is been going on through that. What’s interesting is remember that campaign TV show Adam Wests Batman & Robin that actually came out in 1966, which was the end of great bull market period from 1942 to 1966.

So that was extreme of optimism that we had about the Batman TV show. Now that we are in a bear market, which we people started living back since 2000, is trying the see the darker manifestation come out about Batman. “

Earlier this year Yahoo buzz log pointed the surge for ‘Joker’ query. The ‘Dark Knight’ hero ‘Joker’ is infact the villain, dressed almost like women with mascara. Socionomics explains during darkening social mood, such gender bending effect permeates the culture. Growth in ‘Dark Knight’ piracy perhaps like ‘lipstick sales‘ , is another indicator of recession .

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3 Responses

  1. Obvioustroll Says:

    Sun rises, might be an indicator of recession…

    Seriously, this is stretching it.
    The movie was sold out every day for 4 weeks at the local iMax. The normal theaters saw 2 and 3 time viewers. The entire thing was very well done and made sales that indicated it was an awesome movie.

    Perhaps the fact that it was one of the top movies of the year might have something to do with a lot of people pirating it? They probably will buy it on DVD too. Pirating isn’t always a lost sale.

  2. Ben Hall Says:

    You can learn more about socionomics and the science of social prediction at the Socionomics Institutes websites:

  3. Apurba Sen Says:

    @Ben: Thanks! Really useful link.
    @Obvioustroll:Surely ‘Dark Knight’piracy isnt lost sale.Its a great movie – I must say.However the popularity (as a result of it piracy) of the movie has much to do with socioeconomic trends.

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