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The King is Naked: Google lets you experience how bad is its search

November 21st, 2008 by

Few hours ago, Google has launched a new feature allowing users to personalize search results – Google SearchWiki.
Google’s new feature lets you customize your search by re-ranking, deleting, adding, and commenting on the given search results. By clicking on the results – you can move those you find to be related to your needs right to the top.

Playing with this feature, and actually “cleaning” out a phrase I’m frequently following (“TRENDS”, of course) few thoughts crossed my mind:

My experience:

It takes a lot of work to customize search results according to your need.

My insights:

1. Google should “pay” users to refine searches or use those who will do this sisyphean work to redefine its algorithm.

2. Google should let you follow the “cleaning work” done by professionals in your field.

My conclusion:

Google SearchWiki presents the gap between search results provided by Google to those you would expect from your search engine. The more I use the X sign and promote other results – the more I experience dissatisfaction from Google Search.

My question?

What does Google suggest by this tool? should we reconsider automated search in favor of the human based one? .

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4 Responses

  1. Hanan Maayan Says:

    Taly, I couldn’t agree more!

    This is ridiculous – let’s all help poor Google do their job better and not get paid for it…

    It’s been a while already that I have some service issues with Google but they are really taking they piss with this one…

  2. Demerzel Says:

    Google does have people who goes through their results as human editors and pay them part-time. This feature is more of a social search, so it’s more of an area for the community as a social network.

    I see Google using this feature to figure out how they can algorithmically understand the thought patterns behind social media. I just find it ironic that they are testing out another way to rank results by popularity rather than through true relevance.

  3. Taly Weiss Says:

    Thanks Hanan for your comment. I do find this step to be somewhat surprising.
    Demerzel – I believe that by collecting popularity results (meaning – what people promoted or deleted from the search results) it will help Google to improve true relevance.

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