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Bloggers – Friend or Foe?

November 13th, 2008 by

eMarketer estimates U.S. blog ad spending climbed from $283 million in 2007 to $411 million in 2008. eMarketer predicts that figure will hit $746 million by 2012.
emarketer US blog reader prediction
We have reported this time & again that Internet users are highly involved in promoting brands & how impromptu blog marketing can create trouble for a brand. We also suggested how influencer’s marketing should work.

However when it comes to Generation X, the benefits of marketing through blogs may outweigh the risks.

What’s your take on this?

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3 Responses

  1. Sean Says:

    Marketers and PRs are generally overly concerned about engaging with blogs for their brands. It’s not risky when implemented properly and with the right intentions/attitude.

    As a PR agency, we would always recommend engaging bloggers for brands that wish to talk to gen X and younger. It’s a given…but what’s not a given is the way in which that outreach is performed. Too many brands look at blogs as channels for them to distribute marketing collateral or as a publishing network. I once had a client who even referred to them as preferred suppliers!

    What’s brands sometimes fail to realise is that blogs are simply people who carry the same prejudices and expectations as any consumer. Be creative and relevant and you can have a place at the discussion table. Try to make them fit into your marketing/PR plan, and set yourself up for failure.

  2. Iliana Decaro Says:

    interesting article, happy i took the time to look over it, if you have more similar articles will be checking back to read them soon.

  3. pan card Says:

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