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Apple leads mindshare among teenagers: US teens survey

October 9th, 2008 by


Piper Jaffray released the results of its 16th bi-annual Teen Survey. The survey was conducted among 769 students from high schools across the country and was focused on their interest and buying patterns in portable media players, online music, and the iPhone.

The results indicate an optimist future for Apple’s leading products among the most promising target audiences.


8 percent reported to own an iPhone, with another 22 percent implying that they plan to purchase one in the next 6 months (rising from 6% who reported to own an iPhone and 9% who plan to purchase one in the next 6 months – on the firm’s April survey).

compare to other relevant studies: among global – online consumers: 42 percent are considering purchasing an iPhone.

Media Players:

In terms of digital media players, 87 percent of students said they own a digital media player devices, (up from 80 percent – fall 07).

compare to other relevant studies: adoption rate among US adults: 43% own a digital media player.

  • Interest among those who plan to purchase a new player in the next 12 months has fallen to 37 percent from 47 percent.
  • Apple continues to dominate the market, with an 84 percent share (up from 80 percent last year). Microsoft (Zune) and Sony (Walkman) receive each a 3 percent share of the teenage market.
  • Of those students who say they plan to purchase a new player in the next 12-months, 79 percent indicated they’d choose an iPod while 15 percent reported an interest in Zune.

Music Downloads:

  • In general, the percentage of students downloading music over the internet remains relatively high at 80 percent (down 5% from April 08).
  • The majority of students (60%) are still using illegal peer-to-peer file sharing services instead of purchasing their songs legally from online music stores (40%).
  • Illegal peer-to-peer usage decreased 4 percent from the previous year.
  • iTunes reached a new peak while 93% of those to download music from stores do so though Apple stores (up 12% from April 08), by that purchasing less from alternative stores (other = 4$ today versus 13% on April 08).

compare to other relevant studies: teenagers are less likely to illegally download content when they know the laws for downloading and sharing content online.

Note: The firm didn’t report any attempts for achieving sample representative. In this case, the data represents only the schools where the research was conducted at. Still, it is interesting to learn about teens tendencies in general..

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