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Trendsspotting Tribute To Grand Old Blogger Olive Riley

July 24th, 2008 by

On July 14th, Olive Riley, the world’s oldest internet blogger from Australia died at the age of 108. Riley posted more than 70 entries on her blog or “blob” as she jokingly called it since February 2007. She recounted her life during two world wars, raising three kids, and working as a barmaid. She carried with her an archive of memories -more than a blog could hold. And then she discovered blogging and its thrill, especially at her age!

A 2006 Pew Internet survey on U.S. bloggers shows U.S. internet users under the age of 30 (24%) constitute more than half of bloggers (54%). A tiny 2% of bloggers are 65 or older.

US Bloggers vs US Internet Users

Earlier Trendsspotting reports that between the genders, more women (21%) than men (14%) are bloggers.

Olives demise sparked a buzz in the blogosphere. Trendsspotting tribute to Grand Old Blogger. Olive may be resting in heavenly abode, but her spirit and remembrance, are still alive on her blog.

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2 Responses

  1. Taly Weiss Says:

    Thanks Apurba for showing such empathy. Riley is a great example for how meaningful can blogging be for so many people world wide.

  2. stetoscope Says:

    Thanks for revealing us this example. It proves that self expression is a real need… I am sure that in fifty years there will be many hundred-yea-old bloggers on the web.

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