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Where’s the Buzz :Nail House in China

July 17th, 2008 by

Coolest Nail House in China

Coolest Nail House in China
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Last Tuesday, the response to the local authorities failure to demolish Yu’s Nail House in the heart of Beijing sparked colossal surges in query “Nail House” (???) in China. “Nail House” is a fairly common phenomenon in China. It refers to a standalone house which stands out like a nail in the middle of a demolition ground due to disagreement with compensation terms.

nail house search in baidu index

Surge of the Query “Nail House” (???) in Baidu Search

Yu’s refused to accept the 340,000 yuan ($49,900) compensation for the home they bought 60 years ago & the Beijing court issued a notice to the family to move by 13th July. On Sunday evening a few hundred people gathered around to see what would happen when the deadline expired. Time China blog has an extensive coverage on this.

Ever since last year Nail Houses are much into news when Wu Ping , another nail house owner, remained defiant after the expiry of a court deadline to demolish her house. A photograph of the house in question circulated on the Chinese Internet & the popular Tianya forum voted it as The coolest nail house in history .

However this time with Beijing Olympics on cards & 20,000 journalists plus a half million tourists in Beijing , Government is finding it difficult in bullying “Nail House” owners.

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  1. stetoscope Says:

    Very interesting, that means the authority of the chinese government can be challenged with the visibility of the injustice. In those days of contestation of the olympic games, it is an example of the benefit an international events can bring to the china inhabitant.

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