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We search for “sex” we write about “love”

February 6th, 2007 by

My search (google trends graph 1) reveals that, while we google our way around, we search for sex far more than about anything to do with “love”. Actually, while this fact holds for most of us, it doesn’t apply for people from Philippines (either they are the romantic types or they call sex love) (google trends– graph 2). On the other hand, while blogging the opposite trend appears ( graph 3) we focus on “love” and leave out the “sex”.

It makes sense: Blogging is a serious social issue, we make efforts to write, we seek meaningful connections – we are inspired to love. But, when we are left alone, we privately google and search for sex.

Will our true desires be kept only in Google?


graph 1


Graph 2


Graph 3

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