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Video search review: where content beats technology

May 1st, 2008 by


Universal McCann’s survey showed Video Clips are the quickest growing platform, up from 31% penetration in Wave 1 to 83% in Wave 3. 
A recent study carried out by Synovate in behalf of ClipBlast! (March 08) shows that when it comes to finding online video, search takes a backseat to unaided navigation (also known as discovery) and content recommendations.

  • 53% found videos through their own exploration
  • 52% found through recommendations from others
  • 40% searched for specific videos
  • Other forms of video findability – 18% following online recommendations from people they didn’t know; 10% via unsolicited email; and 9% via email or RSS feeds.

Online video content is exploding at an incredible rate… but finding what you want is hard. –claims Josh Bernoff -Forrester analyst.

2007 Synovate + Clipblast survey also found Americans were having a tough time locating the video that they want on the Web. 40% reported that the quest for video online is “frustrating” or “inconsistent.”

The video Web is dictating a fundamental break from the traditional search model—a departure that represents a tremendous vote of confidence in Web 2.0,” said Gary Baker, CEO of ClipBlast!.

Analysing video content has always been a challenge. At the moment most video search uses only the title, any tags given by the author or others, and potentially words used in links to the video. To be truly useful, video search needs to index both the words and images in the video in a meaningful way.

Beyond that some interesting technologies are around: 
Blinkx and Nexidia, allows video search using its voice recognition and text indexing capabilities. 
Another is Viewdle which “sees” the person, “remembers” him/her and “recognizes” the person throughout all new videos.

more on players in the field – read here.

In conclusion: Video contents are HOT. At the same time video search is into infancy while users experience a real frustration. In the absence of good search – what seems working is – users recommendation.

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