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Internet “on the go” is still slow: US study

April 8th, 2008 by

Pew Internet survey (conducted December 2007*) reveals that 41% of all adult Americans have logged onto the internet on the go (away from home or work either with a wireless laptop connection or a handheld device).
29% of internet users say they do this at least every few weeks, with 21% doing this at least a couple days a week.
comScore also presents a promising picture: The number of people using broadband mobile Internet connections jumped to 2.16 million in the final three months of 2007 as compared to 854,000 in the same period a year earlier.

While the future for mobile web does look promising in all angles, I call for a cautious approach: when we examine only the “pure” internet access activities (sending email, instant messages, getting maps or directions, or accessing the internet for information and news) as gathered on the Pew Internet survey, we see that the stats are still low, even on the most basic internet applications:

Most popular internet activities “on the go” (among those who have a cell phone or personal data assistant, n= 1,704)


Most popular internet activities “on the go”, by age, ever (among those who have a cell phone or personal data assistant, n= 1,704)


Most popular internet activities “on the go”, by age, typical day (among those who have a cell phone or personal data assistant, n= 1,704)


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* The Pew Internet Project’s December 2007 survey interviewed a sample of 2,054 adult Americans, which included 500 respondents contacted on their cell phones.

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