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Alltop, the comeback of directories

March 17th, 2008 by

I took few days to wonder around Alltop (TrendsSpotting is very proud to be there under social media). Alltop combines few characters not found in other similar sites.
1. It is a helpful, neat site
2. It is selective
3. It is made by Guy Kawasaki.

Yes, there are some prestige information networks (as 9rules), but only one made by Guy Kawasaki. We have to remember that Guy Kawasaki is not only an “on-line” brand, he is nonetheless a leading “off line” icon. By his popular books, Guy has reached awareness, probably higher than those who initiated the most popular websites on-line. Just as a leading brand, he is not aimed to reach a few – he is addressing the mass. We can easily profile potential targets who lack the time to follow blogs and multiple information sources.

For those who appreciate Guy’s insights, he presents a “chosen best” list, mapped in a very organized directory. If Guy Kawasaki was less modest, he could have easily labeled his directory under his own name (“brought to you by…”). A good product by a leading brand – aren’t these the keys for success? Stats will soon tell..

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3 Responses

  1. Akuma Says:

    Directory submission is preferred by many SEO experts now a days..Great..

  2. Gabriel Says:

    I really like this… it is part directory, part RSS reader. I really like the dashboard concept for just about everything I do these days that involves information and knowledge. Info travels at such a fast rate of speed that you blink, you miss it.

    I spend my early morning scanning my favourite blogs and end my day late into the evening doing another read through. has made this so easy for me and I think I will add as well.

  3. William Smith Says:

    Ironically, I found this post through AllTop’s social media page.

    I haven’t spent much time with AllTop so I may be ignorant to how they are actually choosing the sources that represent “social media.” Does anyone know the criteria?

    If it is somewhat merit based on say, an algorithm and not just whomever AllTop is friendly with, that would be a good thing. If it is just Guy’s personal bookmark list then it would be less special imo.

    Not that I don’t respect Guy. I’ve been following him since the last Gnomedex in Seattle and he is an amazing speaker.

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