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Blue is dominating the web: follow the trends

March 11th, 2008 by


TrendsSppotting posted a trend query on TrendFreaks (TrendsSpotting Facebook group – do join us there) concerning the most popular color on the web. We presented this question on forums, where web designers and experts are involved. We were happy to receive many reactions and suggestions (see end of post).

Overall, analyzing the suggestions, we found a strong agreement in favor of the blue color as the dominant color on the web (white was presented – mainly as a dominant background color).

Does it make sense?

Taking it few years back – the blue – served companies moving on-line with the need to reflect trust. In times when users and potential shoppers were skeptical about the web (privacy, credit cards, etc.) blue had a leading role.
Interestingly, we keep on seeing the blue dominates today, only this time for another need it provides: In the era of communities and sharing, blue serves to reflect belongings (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter (light blue), LinkedIn are all blue). We find that the web 1.0 to web 2.0 shift has not changed the blue digital effect.

My prediction:

Innovative companies trying to achieve attention will use more “daring” colors to compete with the dominating blue. The new MySpace/ Facebook ought to be more of a fusion of colors as some of the web experts suggested here. Would you agree to that?

Trend query results:

From the comments we received from YOU, suggesting the dominating colors I present those which provide explanations and indicative associations, categorized by colors:


“By far the most popular color I see on these sites is blue. And as a web designer, I’d say that is the color I use most often, and not just because it’s my favorite color.”

“blue is liked by die hard fundamentalists who are in field for more than 20 years…Companies who choose blue are like water – they are not very aggressive, but slow and steady, have good reputation. Cant adopt to change.”

“I think blue is the most popular one. Probably because of Windows XP, but it also pleasantly for eyes”.

“Different shades of blue is ruling Web. Website with AJAX are using different shades of blue and green. And most of the websites are coming with white background to highlight colors appearing on the web page. And off the record, people find blue as a soothing color which not create stress on eyes”.

“I think people r inspired by blue because of Windows”

“Corporate Identities seem to enjoy the blue values and its also overused since its a pretty popular favorite color of many.”

“my first thought was blue. it gives an official impression”.

“My first guess would be blue too, then of course white. Corporate Identities seem to enjoy the blue values and its also overused since its a pretty popular favorite color of many.”

“I think people gravitate towards the color blue. So when they are thinking of color selections it’s often high on the list of colors they may use. I suppose I should have tossed some quotes around “overused”, but sometimes it feels more of default choice for a large amount of people. Just my thoughts though.”

“blue is common in general layout themes and logos”


“Red stands out, and it represents alot of things.|

“Companies who choose red are aggressive in their stance and approach.”

“I had read an article a few years back that said medium red has become one of the cheapest colors to produce. LEGO makes molds in red because its the cheapest color to produce.”


“Green is more pleasant not widely used by commercialists. Green is peace and harmony so not supported by commercial folks.“

“Green followed by a Red mouse over is considered action colors and statistically get more people to click on an object. However, implementing this color theory without steeping over the border into Tacky is somewhat difficult.”

“Soon it will be green (environmentally friendly)..Green has got to be the most searched for color word on the web, and the most “talked about” given its other meaning as an adjective to describe anything involving the environment and growing global environmental awareness.”

“The most popular color on the web is the color of money.”

Future trends:

“For younger generations companies like verizon, airtel who try innovative ideas to stay at top red and black combination holds good.”

”Now, if you’re talking about current trends? I’m seeing a lot of chocolate brown with something bright like baby blue, apple green, or tangerine. I’m also seeing a lot of low contrast combinations (green on green, pink on pink) with black and white.”

“According to Pantone the color of the year is Royal Purple.”

”The trend recently seems to be pointing to blues, grays, browns, and greens. Often used together.”

”Orange and blue when used together are trust colors and are often used by financial institution’s”.

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4 Responses

  1. Dylan Says:

    pastels are still en vogue – was light pastel blue and pastel pink, now it’s moved to green and orange/yellow combinations.

  2. Anuradha Says:

    Blue’s boring, blues safe. Using it is the easiest way to create a ‘me-too’ site for approval by me -too companies.
    A website should reflect the nature of the company/product. Not a fashionable colour. 🙂
    Websites you remember will be ones where colours and combinations that are NOT in fashion are used. Tomorrow their colour schemes will be the fashion but the original bold companies will have moved on to fresh design ideas.

  3. Samantha Says:

    Blue is the favorite color of the majority of people…I would think that’s more of the reason why. Statistics put it at 25-35% majority, depending on country.

  4. bowflex 552 Says:

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