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Valentine’s Day: the trend and the anti trend

February 14th, 2008 by


The trend (Image via: myconfinedspace)


 The anti trend (Image via: Meish


1. The Trend:

Market data:

  • Half of the U.S. population observes Valentines Day by purchasing at least one greeting card (according to Trademark)
  • Americans spent 13.7 billion on 2006 (+22% from five years ago, according to an MSNBC study).
  • The Greeting Card Association expects Americans to buy 190 million Valentine’s Day cards this year (sums up to 1 billion once you include cards generally sold in packages of 25 or more, exchanged among schoolchildren).
  • 85% of all Valentine cards are purchased by adult females.
  • 73% of flowers are purchased by adult males (only 27% are by adult females).
  • Cocoa and confect sales arrive at earning of $1,011 billion during Valentines.

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Online search:

  • According to Google Trends: Valentine’s Day comments – 10th most searched phrase today.
  • According to Yahoo Buzz: Valentines Day – comes on second (interestingly one of Yahoo’s biggest 10 “movers” is short Valentine’s poems…)
  • 5 countries to search Valentine’s Day (by Google’s search volume): United States + United Kingdom (similar search volume) Australia, Canada and India.
  • Love words searched online – see Bill Tancer review on Time Magazine.

More evidence? 

  •  Currently – “Valentines” receive up to 4% out of all blog citations
  •  In the Facebook community –  uncountable groups and events dedicated to Valentine’s Day were created (my estimation – about 150,000 members on all groups, 250,000 members to download applications, and hundreds of events).


2. The anti trend:

Frankly – We were much more inspired by the anti Valentines Day trend as this became more and more popular. Considering that 51 percent (or 61 million) US women are now living without spouse (= outnumbering married females) we can surely understand this trend.

In the meantime, be happy, today and on the next day too!

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