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Are DJs still on?

January 21st, 2007 by

In search for one of the greatest trends of the nineties – Disc Jockeys, I looked at google trends for the phrase DJ.

It seems a stable phrase with no particular peak during the last 3 years (graph 1). Interestingly, when I checked world regions it looks like East European countries are those with the highest interest in DJs and Hungary is the leading country to “google” it (graph 2).
To test its current popularity I used IceRocket Daily Blog Citation to see if people discuss DJs in their blogs. Well, it seems that they do mention DJs (graph 3) but not much (0.3% of the total blog posts), about fifth out of what the word “movie” generates (graph 4).
I wonder:  is it a dying trend?

graph 1


graph 2


graph 3


graph 4

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2 Responses

  1. Shila Snater Says:

    You are my breathing in, I own few blogs and often run out from brand :).

  2. Osvaldo Guccione Says:

    Hello! I feel employing too many characters in meta tags in HTML code as well as including too a lot of key phrases in the site’s articles are the most indecent SEO methods.

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