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GenTxt R GenNxt: short text go mainstream

December 22nd, 2007 by

Wired’s Kristen Philipkoski once reported “The Web Not the Death of Language”..We have entered a new era of expression. Communicating using instant messenger, text messaging, even blogging […its future could well be short messaging style ] are changing the way humans communicate. Loud applause please! W00T an expression of joy coined by online gamers,was crowned Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2007.The word typically spelled with zeroes, and not the letter o, reflects the growing use of electronic communication in our lives using numeric keyboards to type words with self-evident numeral-letter substitutions.

Nevertheless the announcement attracted healthy criticisms of traditional linguists whereas boingboing & wired seemed upbeat on the announcement.

W00t’s popularity may root back to its music & technology connection as these two serves as catalyst to easy adoption of a word into our daily life. Not impressed ? There is no end to the google search results of w00t, and its cousins with various number of 0s in middle of the word [ The w00t paradox ] .

A search in blogpulse shows the paramount buzz ‘W00T’ generated over “poke”.


MSN Adlab predicts something interesting on these buzzwords.


“poke” is female oriented with age distribution less than 18. “W00T” on the other hand is male oriented with age distribution 18-24.The driving force of this wacky lingo are primarily youth & stats on them are mind blowing.

  • Out of the 18 million college students, 95% use the Internet at least once a month.
  • 95% own a mobile phone.
  • 78% sent a text message in the past week.
  • 77% of today’s online youth would rather live without television than live without the Internet.

There are 2.7 billion mobile phones in use. The number of worldwide mobile phone users is expected to grow to approximately 3.3 billion in 2011. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to account for 47.9% of global subscribers by 2011. Globally, nearly one in three mobile subscribers will use a mobile broadband connection by 2012. This will represent over one billion users. [Sources: Juniper, EITO, MIC, Strategy Analytics via Trendwathcing]

Trendwatching coins this mega-trend Online Oxygen. It stands for those who virtually crave for online access anywhere/anytime. In your blissful ignorance they already have done mounting sabotage to the Queens English.

Runner up of 2007 word of the year contest was Facebook. As a verb it signifies using to create a profile, searching for a friend, communicating and host of other activities on the site. No surprise here, the verbs are almost similar to delicious tags for facebook i.e social networking, community & friend primarily.

What’s interesting to note is convergence of social networking & mobile in imthere ,Goovr ,BuzzD & host of other sites.Juniper Research predicts this market will be worth $6B by 2012.

Hmm..seems an army of 1 Billion is just gearing up to shape “the parts of speech” of our 2012 grammar.

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4 Responses

  1. count Says:

    Very interesting, welcome Apurba

  2. Apurba Sen Says:

    Thanks !!

    I am happy you liked it.

    Do keep coming back to TrendsSpotting.

    Merry Christmas!!

    Apurba Sen

  3. Romuald Says:

    What’s really interesting is that, as this vocabulary and grammar (or lack thereof) are getting into the mainstream, this will affect how documents are written.

    For instance, you can’t expect a candidate who answered her English literature exams with SMS-like language to write her resume using plain-old Queens English.

    Same for emails (if they survive the short-text messages). Those college students will use the same language as they use outside of work and at school in their business communication.

    This means that:

    1. Business will need to learn all those abbreviations. Not necessarily to use them in their communication but at least to understand incoming messages
    2. Technology will need to evolve. There are a lot of various technologies out there aiming at analyzing documents, from resume extraction to analysis of customer complaints. These technologies will have to follow the evolution of the language.

    Given the speed at which communication technology evolves, I am now wondering when will the new major shift language arrive. And what it will look like.

    Mindreading, anyone?

  4. Apurba Sen Says:

    Hi Romua,

    Thanks for your comments..really impressive !

    A consumer need gap generally orginates from Social/Economic/Technological changes.One drives the change & other two follows it.
    Lets say short lingo goes main stream [social]& resumes are submitted in short text..a relevant technology has to pointed out the same ..right?

    When will new major shift language arrive? My ans – when the adaption of new technology becomes becomes a pressing need & it starts driving other 2 i.e social /economical.


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