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“Green is better” but not by UK consumers: European online survey

December 12th, 2007 by

Jupiter has recently published a new report: European Green Consumers: Identifying and Seizing the Opportunity Online. According to this report over one-quarter of European online users decide what to buy based on retailers’ green policies and are willing to pay higher prices for green products.

  • Danish and Dutch consumers are the greenest European consumers with strongest willingness to pay for green products and the strongest interest in companies green policies.
  • Consumers in the UK and Germany display weakest green attitudes and behavior.
  • Internet users in Denmark are more than three times as likely as are those in the UK to be willing to pay more for green products.

My remarks:
As I am following cross nation attitudes toward global warming, I find this report to be somewhat surprising:

  1. In an earlier post presenting The 2007 Annual World Environment Review I found European countries to be high adopters of eco-minded habits.
  2. UK specifically was found to be a dominant player in adopting eco-minded habits.

Following up on this trend in the US, where people felt less responsible for global warming outcomes, (relative to the European) I think we can expect lower rates of green shopping habits.

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3 Responses

  1. Count Says:

    Nice one 🙂

  2. Fumo Blu Says:

    Really interesting. My impressions of European companies in America is limited but includes The Body Shop. They sell only organic and natural products and have had amazing success.

    I do feel though that Americans are picking up on the Green movement. There are now close to 300 in America. Their buildings are green, their policies are very green and even their CEO graciously decreased his own payment to $1 per year. There are also other giant companies recognizing the trend in organic and natural foods. H-E-B has Central Market, Wild Oats, even Wal-Mart is increasing their organic produce sections. So I do believe Americans are becoming more aware of this movement and are participating, either to stay trendy or for other reasons.

    Perhaps my view is skewed though. I do live in Austin, and regularly shop at the Whole Foods headquarters. 🙂


  3. pan card Says:

    I’m agitated all these article directories. It sure would be nice to have every article directory that instantly accepts articles.

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