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The next Dove can easily be Coca Cola. Primary media channel: consumer consciousness. budget size = $0.

October 17th, 2007 by


Here is a good marketing strategy lesson you can get from the Dove campaign. I really admire their guts.

Dove is into cosmetics. Ingredients you put on your skin but not necessarily need.

Dove is no different than any other cream (sorry for this one) but there is one player in the same square of “bad for you” (number 1 competitor to cosmetics) – plastic surgeries.

Plastic surgeries are really bad socially, psychologically speaking. It’s a never stopping process which starts too much early.

We are well aware that it is.

We can see it all around, our daughters, their friends, our friends. Us.

Dove understands the power of this movement and offers to fight against it. We all wish to “onslaught” it. We and Dove become partners – we can win the bad!

Dove brings on a great show. Brilliant. They brought us a movie that can make a change.

We love Dove.

Bloggers joined efforts and were ready to spread the word around. Yes, completely ignoring it caries a big advertisement sign, a big one indeed.

They got us into this. The same individuals that will never put a too big commercial ad on their site (most of us actually don’t!).

Oh no.

We let it grow (we physically spread it, we educate it, we preach). We have the power to create almost anything (see the “Bacn” buzz for example)
And here we are – loving Dove even more.

Final step on our path: here is the campaign effectiveness proof:

Traffic: from youtube alone – 2,000,000 – 3,000,000 views or is it more ???

Involvement: very high: see comments, see favorites on each video shared on the net. see graph for the buzz around the blogsphere.

Time frame: very fast.

Awards: yes! All over! see Bob Garfield (AdAge)
Only few years ago we fought advertisements so bad – we bought TIVOs, and with some great relief switched to the net! “To freely Choose” we said.

And then what? we here come to discover that we are the ones to carry advertisements with us. On us. Even most clever ones as Danah Boyd, whom I very much appreciate, (see her confession) fell into this trap.

We actually put a huge Dove label on our faces with a lot of Dove cream spread on it.

And Coke? Can this strategy be implemented?

Coke can do the same in no time (even though this time the brief is more challenging):

Coke is bad. We all know that. But there must be something even worse that we drink.


Maybe alcohol?

If you can perceive alcohol as an alternative to Coke, take it!

Why not open up an alcohol prevention fund, create a campaign that touches real deep inside and overloads you with alcohol problems. It takes you to the worse scenarios. You see yourself, your husband, your next door neighbor, right on the streets.

And then –

Why not have Coke.

Will it work?

Will it stop?



graph: Dove blog citations

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10 Responses

  1. Alcohol Rehab » Blog Archive » The next Dove can easily be Coca Cola. Primary media channel ... Says:

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  2. elish Says:

    commercials are (unfortunately) part of our lives. i think it would be great if all campaigns could at least be “cause related commercails”.

  3. oren zuckerman Says:

    excellent point and an excellent post.
    do you know who is the brains behind it?
    Did someone analyzed the influence on their sales?

    I understand this onslaught video is a sequel to their “evolution” video from last year, any idea about the difference in audience response? on youtube, evolution got 4,875,628 views and onslaught 17,400 so far…

  4. Link-digging: October 18, 2007 « AdStructure Says:

    […] is an interesting blog I found via the Plannersphere in Facebook. Made by Taly Weiss, this blogs has a lot of interesting insights on internet users. I particulary like her last post? about how people need to feel identified with a cause, and when the leader of that cause is a brand (like Dove´s Campaign for the Real Beauty) people will be willing to become brand evangelists. And she actually suggest that Coca Cola, although perceived sometimes as bad for a healthy lifestyle, should follow the example of Dove and fight a bigger evil: Alcohol…. Interesting indeed, but I think that strategy would work better for a smoothies brand like Innocent. […]

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  7. Rahul Says:

    Dove’s- The Backlash…

  8. Mike Mongo Says:

    Plus, the ingredients in Dove soap and products are made from animal-based products, and Unilever is an atrocious tester of products on live animals. Pass.

  9. Stefano Augello Says:

    Hi Tally,

    see, I’m not sure Dove is working really well (

    Recently a lot of talking about Dove in blogs is criticism at Unilever for both fooling people about real beauty and then seeling Axe and Lux on those very premises.

    I guess it’ld be even more obvious in case Coke was to address alcoholism, because it would be clear for most people that it would be doing so in order to divert people’s attention from its own flaws. You can fool consumers only to a certain extent, and that’s even more true for people that are sensitive about this issue, browse the web and blog about it.

  10. dove philippines Says:

    I definitely agree with you, If you can perceive alcohol as an alternative to Coke, take it! I think that it is more better than alcohol. Even I will gonna do it.


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