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Web trend map: suggestions for the next improved version

July 23rd, 2007 by


On this impressive trendmap (Wow! why didn’t I come up with this one?), 200 most successful websites are presented and ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective.

The map has divided the web into 12 categories:

  1. Sharing
  2. Tools
  3. Technology
  4. Knowhow
  5. Moneymaker
  6. News
  7. Social News
  8. Community
  9. Design
  10. Movies
  11. Music
  12. Chinese line

The map has differentiated between web 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0, added a forecast icon for the success of each site and used a size categorization.

Mapping the web is certainly not an easy assignment. Though, for the next version – I would make some revisions:

1. add mobile web line
2. change movies to videos
3. delete the “sharing” category: I think most current categories are based on sharing: sharing photos, videos and writing content.
4. above all- turn it into a 3D map: having the YOU connected to each of the sites according to the brand’s relative strength from users perspective (aggregated by: number of visitors but also brand image and emotional values).

I would anticipate few major changes for the next version:
1. to have a more centralized characteristics as more websites will be acquired by the big players.
2. not to include moneymakers: unfortunately, if most websites will not be about making money, they might not survive the next version.
3. to have a Green path, if not a green line (eco).

Any suggestion?

What would you add, delete, change anticipate? would we see some web 3.0?

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7 Responses

  1. rOckY Says:

    This was pretty amazing – thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.

  2. john griffin Says:

    great ideas for change. i think you really covered it all. i thought the subway map was a really cool idea as well and wrote about it on my blog too.

  3. oren zuckerman Says:

    An amazing map indeed, thanks Taly for pointing to it!
    About the 3D idea, from user interaction perspective it might make it much harder to comprehend.

    I saw another interesting visualization of the web as a world map, with separate continents for popular web sites, but can’t find it again…

  4. james Says:

    @ world map w/ continents:
    is that what you were referring to or more something like this:

    as for what we should see:
    I 100% agree that we’ll see more consolidation in the marketplace. big, profitable players eating up smaller, niche players (that may not have a profit model in place) (google eating meebo for example).

    internet use in the future (i hope) will be dominated by more application use, exploiting the potential of AJAX. more interactions: like wikipedia where at the other end there’s an expert actually answering the question. (google answers flopped…cuz it wasn’t free!)

    obviously(?), there needs to be a better search engine. google’s strictly okay but it’s really not all that. google cleverly placed itself in the most convenient of places (everywhere…something msft got into hot water over so i’m sure google will eventually run into similar anti-trust issues) …which is why it’s the dominant player. anything that can really deal with human syntax and/or fish for content based on what is within an image, is really going to rock. (personally google is not really a search engine company any more so as we approach “web3.0” i think it should see itself sinking into the background–much as Yahoo! did…unless of course they goog-ers make some heavy improvements/innovations in their search tech).

    imho, web2.0 is really just a made up “nothing” so i’m not sure it’s really effective to monitor progress of the web in terms of versions. i think the parallel between versions and increases in internet sophistication (in use/application) is fairly weak.

    i would hope that a revised version would get rid of all the web 1.0 (or whatever’s). it really just detracts and puts more “stuff” on the page. I mean following the analogy here, if a station is removed, would a city publish it as still there?’d be closed and removed from the map! but those sites are still kickin’ w/ real people there working/focusing on fixing their short-comings…making them an updated version of themselves, so no longer properly x.x (btw, who in their right mind made craig’s list a web2.0!? it’s got a following, but it’s still the crappiest website on the net!)

  5. Viktor Prochazka Says:

    super… yeah how come you didn’t think of that 😉

  6. jim Says:

    That’s a Tokyo subway map with the names changed BTW 🙂

  7. robert Says:

    other strange world web map here :

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