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2010 Consumer Trends Influencers: Slides Predictions in 140 Characters, (2nd Report, by TrendsSpotting)

December 24th, 2009 by

TrendsSpotting’s 2010 Consumer Trends Influencers: Predictions in 140 Characters 
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Findings: Major trends in 2010 Consumer Trends

Across many of these predictions, we have identified the following trends suggested to influence consumer behavior: Healthy, Value, Stability, Disclosure, DIY.
Is the Recession over? 2010 Predictions Suggests Consumers aren’t Buying it…

Merry Christmas, and may we all have a great year ahead.

Already released from the Trend Prediction Influencers Series:

@2010 Social Media (published also at NYTimes / RWW, Mashable, Examiner)

@2010 Consumer Trends.

@2010 Tech and IT.

@2010 Online Marketing.

@2010 Online Video.

@2010 Mobile

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