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Can we accomplish the goals we set?

January 15th, 2007 by

I used 43things (one of my favorite sites) to compare between the 10 most popular goals to the 10 most popular goals claimed to be achieved.




Studying the two lists yield the following insights:
1.”falling in love”,”getting a tattoo”,”getting married” and “drinking more water” are (lucky for us) achievable goals.
2.”lose weight”, “stop procrastinating” “be happy”, writing a book” and “traveling” are probably harder to achieve.

The two lists raise some connections?needed to be further explored:
1. Will “learn to drive” (achieved goal) might help with the traveling goals?
2. Will “drink more water ” (achieved goal) is any good for lose weight?
3. Will? “Make Firefox my default browser” (achieved goal) can help to “stop procrastinating”?

If you can find any of these connections to be true we’re on a good track towards self fulfillment!

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