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Handbook of Online India: New TrendsSpotting Report

August 17th, 2009 by

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TrendsSpotting has released its new research cover: Handbook of Online India.

Globally India is the seventh largest internet market. However, its internet penetration of slightly less than 3% points to tremendous growth potential.

TrendsSpotting’s Handbook of Online India captures the most updated statistics covering modern India markets.

Tap into a wealth of internet and mobile users’ indications to better understand how India is vastly developing as one of the most interesting countries to follow.

This handbook includes 65 Power Point slides with statistical charts based on market research analyses.

The Handbook of Online India by chapters:
1. India Insider: Internet users demographics and habits.

2. Top Players in Online India: most popular websites, share of search, IM market shares.

3. India Online 2.0: global players, web 2.0 adoption (blogs, social networks, online videos).

4. India’s Digital Divide: Language adoption stats.

5. Indian Mobile Market: Penetration, growth, GSM versus CDMA subscribers, price per services, SMS growth, consumer satisfaction and loyalty,mobile music.

6. Business Perceptive – Online India: Advertising market, Online advertising, Online business, mobile ad market.

The Online India research report is second in Trendsspotting’s Online Handbook series.
Read our previous popular cover: TrendsSpotting Handbook of Online China.

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    Do you intend to make a report about Brazilian market?

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  3. Manivone Khounviengsay Says:

    It’s great!!

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