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profiles of early adopters to buy iphone for 499$: US online survey

June 16th, 2007 by

Digital Life America reports an online survey conducted by Solutions Research Group (May 2007), on 1230 American consumers. The following profile describes those who report to be ‘definitely’ interested in buying iphone for 499$.

It seems that the average early adopters are educated men on their thirties, living in NY or California, not necessarily ipod users, with household income of 75,600$. 


via: designsojourn

for more iphone surveys and predictions see: Morgan Stanley, ChangeWave survey, M:Metrics, iphonic 

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6 Responses

  1. iPhone Demographics and Six Degrees of Separation from the Source « There Is No Box Says:

    […] iPhone Buyers Analysis at There is no box via Drew’s Marketing Minute via Trendsspotting via Design Sojourn via Darla Mack via Cellular-News which mentioned Solutions Research Group, but neglected to provide a link and I still had to Google it to find the original. […]

  2. Susan Gunelius ( Says:

    This profile of early adopters is not surprising given the price of the iPhone. What will be interesting is what demographic groups buy the product once the price drops.

  3. Who Will Buy an Apple iPhone? Says:

    […] Profiles of Early Adopters to Buy iPhone for 499$: US Online Survey […]

  4. » Blog Archive » Iphone: why $499 is not an issue (survey and predictionsTrendsspotting) Says:

    […] I think differently. The ipod is headed to the early adopters (3% or more). They will be the ones to shape the brand identity. From what we know – they have the right profile to set the trend. Others will follow to be perceived as those who can buy an iphone.? The iphone brand is not about pricing as it is about perceptions and social needs. When it comes to perceptions and recognition, here is the voice of the blogsphere around “iphone”, in comparison with the “ïpod” (see blogpulse graph 2).? […]

  5. buy iphone Says:

    This is awesome facts. Very cool and useful for me.

  6. BBW cochonne Says:

    Voo?s faîtes toujours des articles i?téressa?ts

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