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Is “Global Warming” – a global trend?

June 11th, 2007 by

The meeting between President Bush and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week, received a lot of attention by the media. How “global warming” is perceived by the people? Is it a real global issue? how many are actively devoted to this trend?

The Harris Pool reports online surveys conducted in the US (April 10 and 16, 2007) and Europe (November 2 and 10, 2006).
Surveys results show that U.S. adults are less likely than Europeans to attribute humans’ activities to the increase in Global Temperatures. Furthermore, it turns out that the Americans are currently not an active group to follow this trend. I see these results as a clear reflection of the nations political actions in this matter.     

Personal responsibility:
While two-thirds of U.S. adults (65%) believe humans are contributing to an increase in global temperatures, this is less than the British (77%), Italian (87%) and French and Spanish (88% each) who believe this. The country where they are most likely to believe humans are contributing to this increase in temperatures is Germany (92%). See table 1.

Actual threat perceptions:
There is a divide among each of the nations when it comes to whether global warming will present a threat within their lifetime. Those in Spain, France and Italy are those who highly represent an agreement that global warming will present a threat to them and their family (67%, 52% and 46% respectively). See table 2.

Who is an environmentalist? US survey
Only 5 percent of US adults say they are an active environmentalist while 55 percent say they are sympathetic to environmental causes. One-third of adults (34%) say they consider themselves neutral while only 2 percent say they are unsympathetic to environmental causes. Republicans are more likely to say they are neutral (43%) while Democrats are more likely to say they are sympathetic to environmental causes (63%). There is no real difference by party in those who say they are an active environmentalist (4% of Republicans and 5% of Democrats).
Age also is not as much of a factor in who is sympathetic to environmental causes. As one might expect, those who are Matures (62 and older) are the least likely to say they are sympathetic to environmental causes (51%). But, at the other end of the spectrum, Baby Boomers (aged 43-61) are most likely to say they are sympathetic (58%). see table 3.






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7 Responses

  1. Breaking Rumors, News, Truemors Says:

    […] warming” is a hot trend in Europe compare to the US News no score link spread 1:09 am by 3 via GoLive!Mobile […]

  2. Erik Says:

    It’s sad that global warming is such a political issue in the United States (don’t know about elsewhere). A certain conservative group has put a lot of effort into denying global warming, for the sole purpose of a better economy. But going green, in the long wrong, could have better economic implications than waiting until it’s too late.

    BTW, here is some other market research findings on how different countries perceive global warming:

  3. Craig Vincent Says:

    Methinks that the numbers in the USA are indicative of dissenting voices having the ability to get their message out. With global warming (aka climate change) getting so much play, our media (FOX News, especially) seems to at least give the contrary view ample air time. Wonder how much that happens in Germany or the other countries where pubic [sic!] opinion waxes sympathetic on the issue.

  4. » Blog Archive » Is “Global Warming” – a global trend? Part 2. multi national surveysTrendsspotting Says:

    […] I have received a lot of interesting reactions to my earlier post concerning global warming trend. People are really concerned over this matter. I wish to present clear evidence to the fact that global warming is a global trend, though different countries are dealing with it very differently. The 2007 Annual World Environment Review (initiated by Jon Dee) was conducted in May 2007 using GMI’s online data collection platform and global consumer panels. A 200-1,000 representative sample was collected in each of 14 countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, the UK and the USA. I thoroughly read each one of the surveys results. Though, not all countries were presented with the same questions as to their daily habits (concerning the global warming future outcomes). I did find that among all countries, the people of China, Australia and the UK are adopting the most remarkable change in their life. Not only that the people of these countries are highly concerned with the global warming outcomes, and demand from their governments to take responsibility, they have taken action themselves. In fact, many of them report they have: […]

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    […] Following the global warming trend (perceptions and actions) I was troubled by my recent inquiries.? It seems that this scope has lost interest by not only the online news media (see trendio graph 1) but also? by us bloggers (see blogpulse graph 2 for blog citations). People’s search on this subject has also been affected (see Google Trends graph 3). […]

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    […] outcomes, (relative to the European) I think we can expect lower rates of green shopping habits. Sphere: Related Content Leave aComment […]

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    […] 3. Issue of the year: The grass looks much greener in least Yahoo !s Top 10 environmental query suggests so. Interesting. .Global warming – is that a Global issue or was it Angela Merkel’s political agenda to G8 summit? Why only people of 3 countries are proactively demanding from their governments to take responsibility ? On the contrary “United States election” made a loud noise in almost all main stream media across the globe. […]

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