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The future of blogging: short message style

May 29th, 2007 by

Truemors (Guy Kawasaki’s new initiative), as well as twitter present a clear cut between SMS short style and the typical long style blogs (in the Technorati Top 100 – the vast majority of posts were found to be 100 – 500 words).
The phenomenon of blogs writing is somewhat surprising taking into account the instant world with information overload we live in.
It seems more natural today to gain influence and “Increased Recognition” through well written short messages which hold valuable information. That will be an expertise – to best capture an idea in only few words.
(idea for a startup: taking blogs titles to mobile media).

Having this in mind – do you think my current post title (The future of blogging will be short message style) fits this aim?
So, next time you pass your ideas in blogs – check if your title can hold it all and pass the truemors or twitter test. We are heading there…

(This was indeed my shortest post. I’m improving:)

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10 Responses

  1. Rumors, News, Truemors Says:

    […] future of blogging is short message style no score link spread News 1 minute ago bytrendsearch […]

  2. buzzdroid Says:

    I think more accurately, the trend in blogging is away from longer posts. It’s a fine line of an argument, but one with a distinction.

    You don’t have to have SMS to succeed. Look at a site like MyBiggestComplaint where short headlines prevail but offer more content rich material if the reader / user is interested.

    Notice also Matt Mullenwegg’s post from his own blog. Rarely if ever anymore do these post exceed 100 words.

    Most of these blogs that have shorter posts seem to be blogs that aim to simply redirect a visitor elsewhere, like at truemors.

  3. adrian boioglu - tot mai sus » Blog Archive » tendinte: sms blogging Says:

    […] cineva spunea ca majoritatea blogurilor din technorati top 100 au posturi de 100 pina la 500 cuvinte. deci vremea povestilor a trecut…  […]

  4. Viktor Prochazka Says:

    yes and no, shrt messages are nice, but I hate to simplify all the IFs and BUTs. Life and business has it’s core that can be shouted out in a short message… but behind the message is always huge complexity which we need to understand in order to understand. And I want to see the big picture. I want to understand.

  5. Karen Putz Says:

    As a mom who works part-time and runs a non-profit– I appreciate the posts that are short and to the point. Give me some humor and a unique angle, and I’ll read. Otherwise, I’ll give up after the first paragraph.

  6. thelookout Says:

    Personally, I like short posts, as Lin Yutang said ‘Simplicity is the outward sign and symbol of depth of thought.’

    I heard a story about someone who apologised for writing a long letter to someone, saying ‘sorry for the length of the letter, I didn’t have time to write a short one.’ The message being that the more time and effort you put into writing something, the more you can condense and distill the message(s) you’re putting across.

  7. Sandeces » Noticias y rumores Says:

    […] El formato no me parece excesivamente interesante, pero por lo que se ve est? en la l?nea del futurible blogero m?s popular, mensajes cortos que capten r?pidamente la atenci?n. […]

  8. ouija repairman Says:

    thelookout — that same quote went through my head, and I had to look up the author. Mighty wiki tells us it’s misattributed to Mark Twain but actually came from Blaise Pascal.

    In any case, I think it’s an accurate statement. Appealing to short attention spans requires a redistribution of the resource of time, the ultimate resource, really. Authors of concise text invest a lot of time in its creation. I probably could have spent more time on this comment.

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  10. GenTxt R GenNxt: short text go mainstream Says:

    […] Wired’s Kristen Philipkoski once reported “The Web Not the Death of Language”..We have entered a new era of expression. Communicating using instant messenger, text messaging, even blogging […its future could well be short messaging style ] are changing the way humans communicate. Loud applause please! W00T an expression of joy coined by online gamers,was crowned Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2007.The word typically spelled with zeroes, and not the letter o, reflects the growing use of electronic communication in our lives using numeric keyboards to type words with self-evident numeral-letter substitutions. […]

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